Going through a divorce can be frightening, especially for the spouse who is financially weaker than the other spouse. However, maintenance is meant to remedy this problem.

Also known as alimony or spousal support, maintenance is money paid by one spouse to the other for a certain period of time after a legal separation or divorce. It is available to help the recipient maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed during marriage until they can become financially independent. It can be given as a monthly payment over a specific period of time, as a lump sum, or as marital property.

The amount of alimony you receive is based on your unique case. Unlike child support, maintenance is not awarded based on a formula. It is awarded based on a wide range of factors, including education and the duration of the marriage, all of which can be explained to you by an experienced divorce attorney.

As mentioned above, maintenance is not forever. Nevertheless, lifetime maintenance might be awarded depending on your situation. In either case, the financial support ends with the death of either spouse and the re-marriage of the supported spouse.

The spouse who receives the maintenance has to pay income tax, while the one who pays the amount may deduct the maintenance from his income for tax purposes.

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Unfortunately, maintenance is a touchy issue during divorce. This is why our focus is always on accurate information so that our clients can attain the best possible outcomes.

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