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Parental Alienation

Divorce is a difficult time for parents and children. However, the problems are compounded when one parent tries to turn their children against the other parent, also known as parental alienation.

While this is unfortunate behavior, legal action can be taken to stop parental alienation. At the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, our lawyers have years of experience practicing in all areas of family law, and we can assist you when parents are toying with their children’s emotions. If you are a victim of parental alienation, contact our law firm today.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

PAS is a medical diagnosis, and happens when one parent demeans and puts down the other parent without cause. Over time, the child is estranged from the parent. The goal is to destroy the relationship between child and parent, and often times the parent is successful. Some signs of parental alienation include a change of attitude in your child when one parent is around, or if you’re denied access to your child’s school or information about activities.

Our Long Island attorneys are familiar with the complex details involving PAS cases and can take legal actions to stop it.

Healthy families keep the divorce between the two parents. But sometimes, one parent goes too far while making the other parent look bad. The good news is that allegations of parental alienation are taken seriously by the courts as well as our law firm. There are many ways we can use the law to prevent this behavior from continuing, including:

  • An immediate modification of custody
  • Obtaining a court order to halt alienation
  • Obtaining court sanction against the bullying parent
  • Obtaining a custody or forensic evaluation to help prove the claims
  • Requesting supervised parenting time for the offending party

Although divorce is a difficult time for everyone, it is never healthy to degrade the other parent. As with all family law cases handled by our firm, we act with the best interest of your children in mind. Do not go through this time alone.

If you feel like you or your children are facing alienation, contact our family law attorney to schedule a free consultation today.