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There are times when a matrimonial or family law matter is unable to reach a settlement through negotiation.

When this happens, the final decision on the matter is left up to a Judge based upon applicable law. In some cases, this results in one or both parties being dissatisfied with the end result. Once a decision or order is made by the Judge, if either party is displeased with the outcome, they may make an application to a higher court, known as the Appellate Division, and appeal the decision or order. The Appellate Division would then review the application for an appeal, examine the facts of the case and the record of the original proceedings, and then make a determination as to whether or not the original finding was just and proper.


At The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C., we take pride in our unparalleled representation and attention to detail. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of appellate practice and procedures, which give us leverage in effectively litigating for our clients. We have been successful in reversing unfavorable and unjust decisions, and have effectively defended orders which were fair and reasonable. We are well known in the Second Department Appellate Court; and are seasoned in obtaining the most favorable outcome for our clients.

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