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50 and Divorced: Ending Your Marriage in Your Twilight Years

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50 and Divorced: Ending Your Marriage in Your Twilight Years

Gray Divorce Couple

Through our years of service, we’ve seen unbreakable bonds go down the drain because of reasons couples could have sorted early in the relationship. But, we also know that nothing is perfect.

We see “perfect” couples—people who fit each other so ideally—with such a deteriorated relationship that divorce is the only option. We try to understand what happened, and in the process, represent the needs of our clients in a better way.

You’d think divorce is always the same: severing of vows, separating of property, allocating of guardianship, the works. Introducing age into the equation makes it an altogether different matter.

A Grey Divorce
This is the divorce of people in their 50s, and it’s appropriate. It’s challenging to go through a separation at this time. All those years, just gone? At this age, you know where you are and what makes you comfortable. If you think a complete split is a suitable solution, we’ll fight to make it possible.

It’s not always as clear-cut as this, however. You can elect to stay together, in the same house, if that makes more sense financially. Most importantly, it’s vital that you don’t throw your relationship away. With decades behind you, there’s no one else in the world who knows you better.

Even if your kids have their own families now, it’s still good to be cordial or amicable with each other. The divorce may go through, but your “relationship” doesn’t have to end there. It’s just good sense, to be honest.

A Start Like Nothing Else
Single at 50? That’s probably something you never saw happening to you. Now that it has, you may think there’s not much else left for you to do. Control the things you have a hold on, don’t linger on blaming, and know what you did. It won’t be easy, but you’re wiser now.

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