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Exercise Social Media Tact When Going Through a Divorce

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Exercise Social Media Tact When Going Through a Divorce

social media and divorce

The rise of the internet, wireless networks, and smartphones have given way to a hyper-connected world where events big or small can spread throughout the globe in a matter of minutes. This unprecedented access to information sharing, especially on social media has publicized our lives – maybe a little more than some of us would like. In this case, personal matters like divorce can also fall under public scrutiny.

Social media, in some instances, plays a significant role in divorce cases: sometimes being the root cause itself of divorce, other times serving as evidence that plays into the case. Divorce proceedings are tricky enough without the involved parties posting details about it on Facebook and such. It is definitely risky to do so, especially when the content you post can very well be used against you during litigation.

We recommend practicing a measure of restraint on social media during the divorce process.

What You Should Do

Maintaining silence on social media might sound absurd in the age of selfies and incessant life updates, but it’s the safest way to progress through your case (relatively) unscathed. If you do feel the need to post something, think it over carefully and consider it from every possible angle as an observer. Would it be easy to twist your words to work against your favor? When in doubt, just don’t.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Never post any details of your case online, ever. Even private messages are no safe haven for such sensitive subject matter, as they can still be hacked and used to damage your case. When you do need to talk about it, discuss it in person.

Posting anything negative about your ex or the case will not bode well for you. Criticizing the judge, the system, or your ex’s lawyer will only damage your character, and could very well cost you the case. Also, never share communications with your attorney, whatever the reason may be.

To help you navigate the complex divorce process, our lawyers will be more than happy to guide you in obtaining the best possible outcome. Contact our office today and let us help you achieve prompt closure and a fresh start in life.