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How Do You Choose a Divorce Attorney?

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How Do You Choose a Divorce Attorney?

choosing right divorce lawyer

Divorce is a painful time for the whole family, especially if it involves kids. Dealing with the emotional side of the process is difficult enough, so many couples forget to complete their legal duties beforehand. This is why it’s crucial to find the right divorce attorney to take care of all the legalities.

New York has a low divorce rate, but divorce attorneys remain a handful — some good, some bad. Keep reading to learn what you should pay attention to when choosing a divorce lawyer.

Understanding the Role of the Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney specializes in divorce law and represents you in court after reviewing all the case paperwork. Your lawyer’s primary duty is to inform you of all your available legal options and advocate for your rights.

Regardless of the reasons for divorce (infidelity, psychological abuse, domestic violence, and others), your lawyer must address any dilemma or request you may have. For example, your attorney can help you get custody if you have children or fight for your right to spousal or child support.

Below, you’ll find several pointers to help you determine the best-suited divorce attorney for you:

Know Your Goals

Before selecting a specific lawyer, you must identify your objectives following a divorce. If no children are involved, you may want to try mediation or get a divorce attorney to negotiate a settlement.

A litigated trial is the last resort, and it occurs in an event when neither side is willing to reach an agreement. So, be true to yourself and determine your end goal to make the right choice and communicate it to the divorce attorney.

Identify Several Potential Attorneys

Every lawyer does things differently, so you want to be 100% confident with your chosen legal practitioner before settling. Do thorough research, ask family and friends for recommendations, and find at least three lawyers to interview before deciding on one.

Be sure they specialize in family law and have extensive experience in the field to guide you and provide the best advice.

Select an Attorney

Once you have identified the potential attorneys on your list, contact their office and ask about their experience, rates, and clients they usually represent. If one of these answers does not fit your requirements, do not hesitate to keep looking.

Have Your Guard Up

Attorneys will often tell you what you want to hear, so if an attorney guarantees a win, it should raise red flags. A divorce is a complex process, and the outcome is often unpredictable.

Be respectful of the attorney as you expect them to be with you. Select the one with ethics that aligns with yours and grants you the attention and respect you deserve.

Establish a Safe Space

The divorce attorney must be knowledgeable, professional, and have a smooth and flawless communication style. You must feel comfortable with them and establish a safe space to talk. After all, you will share rather sensitive details about your life that are not always the easiest to discuss.

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