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Parental Alienation – Act Before it’s too Late

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Parental Alienation – Act Before it’s too Late

In Rockland County, the Court modified the parties’ divorce decree based upon the mothers actions in systematically sabotaging the children’s relationship with their father.  The mother engaged in strategies and behaviors that were calculated to alienate the children from the father.  The Court modified the Order in regards to only two of the parties’ three children.  The third child was so brainwashed that the Court believed that if they granted the Father custody, the child would run away or sabotage the siblings relationship with their father.

It appears that Parental Alienation is an extremely dangerous technique that is taking its form against Fathers’ by Mothers’.  It must be caught immediately as it is very difficult to reverse and has extreme effects on a child’s mind.  If you believe your child or children to be victims of parental alienation, act immediately and contact our office as we are hear to help you and your children.