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Proper Preparation for Mediation

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Proper Preparation for Mediation

Mediation Lawyers

Mediation is the best path to take as a means of amicably settling a divorce or separation. It’s a process that allows both parties to divide their assets on their terms, and avoid a potentially traumatic and costly divorce proceeding. But, make no mistake, this is still a negotiation and you need to prepare properly to get a fair deal.

Stay Calm and Mediate

One of the benefits of mediation is that everyone can speak freely. The lawyer in the room is not there to dissect every syllable of what you say to gain some sort of litigious advantage. This will allow both parties to avoid misunderstandings regarding what they want to gain, as there won’t be any doublespeak involved.

This openness can, however, backfire as it can serve as an open avenue for volatile emotions. The first piece of advice an expert negotiator will give anyone entering mediation is that they should come to the table with a clear head. Emotions often muddle a person’s thoughts and lead to them acting in a way contrary to what they originally intended.

Documentation is Your Lifeline

This is where things get technical. In order to get a better grasp of the things you can negotiate for, you need to have a complete understanding of what you own as a couple. Gather all the relevant financial information that you have: tax returns, bank statements, brokerage accounts – all of it.

It’s not uncommon for one or both parties to try to gain the advantage either through ignorance or ambition. Having the pertinent documentation at the ready will quickly nullify such attempts. It can also serve as an important bargaining chip if the asset in question is something that the other party really wants.

The most important element for a successful mediation, however, is a reliable partner. Fortunately, you’ve already found one in us. If you’re interested in settling your divorce or separation with as little stress as possible, contact us today. We’ll work with your schedule and set an appointment at your most convenient time.