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Should You and Your Spouse Opt for Divorce Mediation?

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Should You and Your Spouse Opt for Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Long Island

Divorce proceedings are taxing to all parties involved: you, your spouse, and even your children if you have any. However, many couples are not aware of an alternative form of divorce settlement called divorce mediation, which does not require divorce proceedings in court.

And if you choose to proceed with divorce mediation, why not acquire the services of the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C.? We provide experienced divorce mediation services in Long Island and are committed to helping spouses find a mutually beneficial agreement without stepping foot in court.

Settle Amicably

Unlike lawyers and divorces that use litigation, a divorce mediator is an objective third party who does not act in favor of either spouse. Instead, he or she provides a setting where spouses can communicate with each other and work out an agreed upon settlement without the need for lawyers and judges.

While the spouses may not be on friendly terms after the divorce, divorce mediation allows them a quiet and amicable settlement. However, for this process to work, they need to be willing to work together and agree on the terms either they or the mediator provide.

Less Money and Time Wasted

Divorce mediation costs less time and money than hiring a lawyer and undergoing a litigated divorce. Many couples who choose to go to court can spend tens of thousands of dollars only to end up with an outcome that neither of them favors.

Under divorce mediation, the spouses are in complete control of what the results are and take less time coming to an agreement. Little time is used to discuss personal conflicts, and instead, mediators shift the conversation solely to the settlement.

Do It for Your Children

A lot of divorcing couples overlook how the proceedings are affecting their children. Children form positive relationships with both parents, and to see them locked in a litigation battle fighting for custody and property can affect their mental and emotional stress.

Parents may believe that the only way to fight for their kids is through court battles, but this is one of the myths divorce mediators want to dispel. Without lawyers arguing on behalf of their clients, spouses can communicate with the help of a mediator to create an ideal parenting plan that would be best for their children’s interests.

When Should You NOT Consider Mediation?

Couples whose relationship is beyond repair may not qualify for this process. Couples who are not on good speaking terms or have a history of abuse and other forms of violence may not find it productive trying to come to a settlement on their own without legal help.

Couples with unmanageable hostility towards one another or have a high conflict divorce such as vast properties, and considerable wealth to divide may also need to seek legal divorce proceedings instead of mediation.

Despite being inappropriate for some couples, for most couples, divorce mediation is a suitable alternative form of dispute resolution to minimize conflict and work on settlements conveniently for everyone involved. By doing so, they save time, money, and energy compared to a divorce settlement in court.

But before couples can proceed with divorce mediation, they need to seek the services of an experienced third party who can provide them with objective guidance for both spouses.

At the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C., we are dedicated to providing a mutually-acceptable settlement and handling all the proper documentation so that divorcing couples experience a smooth and convenient divorce proceeding.