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Happily Ever After Gone Wrong: What You Do with the Guilt of Ending a Marriage

Couple Guilt of Ending Marriage

Divorce is an ordeal with mixed emotions. There is a sense of relief because the shaky relationship will finally see its end. There is also regret due to the conflict, as well as worry for the children’s welfare. Apart from the basket of feelings, one emotion often stands out during the process, and that is guilt. Numerous reasons trigger guilty feelings after divorce. Some are valid while others are up for consideration. For example, if your ex had a controlling personality, they might convince you that all marital problems were your fault. Naturally, you will feel guilty. Dwelling in such guilt, however, is...

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Dividing the Family Home During A Divorce

Divorce - Dividing House

The family home is one of the main assets of a married couple. When a couple decides to split up, they will have to decide on what to do with the family home. Dividing marital property and assets is central to a divorce settlement and the most common solution is to put the house on sale, but there are other options on how to divide the property. Valuing the Family Home Regardless of whose name the property is in, as long as the property was purchased during the marriage, the Marital home and other properties should be split between the couple. How...

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How Simple Mediation Methods Can Help Your Children Cope with the Divorce

Children of Divorce Couple

Most divorce cases are complicated and very rarely end amicably. Throughout the years, we have handled a diverse range of divorce cases and most of time children have the hardest time dealing with the divorce. We completely understand the turbulent emotions couples feel during the divorce process, which is why we are always to remind them to keep the interests and well-being of their children in mind. Children, especially teenagers, find it really difficult to cope with drastic changes in their lives. Here are ways you can help your children. Listening to Your Children In most cases, children are in the middle when...

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Defending Divorce: Change Can Make Things Better

Woman Ripped A Photo

People have always associated all kinds of negative things with the idea of divorce. Many think of it as a failure in life and love, with effects that are devastating for the couple, their extended families, and of course, the children. Studies also suggest that it has negative effects on health and finances, with others noting that is a serious social illness threatening our nation today. It is easy to understand why many think of divorce this way. After all, it marks the end of a happy relationship, which robs children of the experience of what it’s like to grow up...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

1. Protect your rights. Many people believe that they can represent themselves instead of hiring an experienced attorney to save money. Representing yourself in any divorce or family law matter is simply not a wise decision because there are simply too many complexities involved. Although you may be saving yourself money in the short-term by not hiring a lawyer, the odds of losing money are immanent in the long-run. 2. Informed decisions. When hiring a divorce attorney you are hiring an attorney who hopefully specializes in this field. Your attorney will be able to...

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Always Get Legal Advice from a Divorce Attorney First

Justice Leonard Steinman of the Nassau Supreme Court in another noteworthy decision upholds a divorce agreement printed out from the internet as it was signed by both parties who were without the benefit of advice from a Divorce Attorney in Long Island.  There is no knowledge at this time if there were proper acknowledgments.  The wife waived maintenance and child support and they agreed to sell the home and split the proceeds.  They filed the agreement and then two years later the husband filed for divorce.  The wife argued that the agreement should be set aside as unconscionable and overreaching. ...

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