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Defending Divorce: Change Can Make Things Better

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Defending Divorce: Change Can Make Things Better

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People have always associated all kinds of negative things with the idea of divorce. Many think of it as a failure in life and love, with effects that are devastating for the couple, their extended families, and of course, the children. Studies also suggest that it has negative effects on health and finances, with others noting that is a serious social illness threatening our nation today.

It is easy to understand why many think of divorce this way. After all, it marks the end of a happy relationship, which robs children of the experience of what it’s like to grow up with both mom and dad around. It conjures ideas of a broken family, especially if the custodial parent soldiers on as a single parent.

Healthy New Beginning

The truth, however, is that divorce can be a wonderful thing. While it is not the recommended way out of a relationship when things start getting rocky, it can sometimes become necessary for both individuals to start on healthy new beginnings. It can be the best thing for both parties, especially if the marriage is filled with incompatibilities and different priorities.

Free and Happy Relationship

Divorce can offer freedom if the relationship feels like an incarceration for the spouse and the children. If one partner has anger-management issues, for instance, the spouse and kids may feel threatened and hide their opinions to avoid disagreements and maintain a false sense of harmony.

Better People, Better Family

Uncomfortable marriages and family relationships will be much better if both spouses decide to go their separate ways. While it is not an instant cure for a problematic marriage, it is much better than living in fear or in silence. In fact, it can inspire families to communicate more and examine what really defines happiness and fulfilling relationships.

Divorce attorneys note that people today see divorce as a disease that needs to be avoided. This is why many couples decide to stay in a bad marriage and struggle to pretend living a normal life. What they do not realize is that divorce can make them better people.

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