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The Positive Side of Divorce

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The Positive Side of Divorce

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A divorce will always be consequential. Whatever the circumstances that led to the separation, however positive or negative the emotions involved, a divorce will always mean huge changes, especially when children are involved.

But since divorces are often only considered as a last resort, it would be better to view them from a more optimistic perspective. There are actually numerous, often underrated, advantages to getting a divorce, even for children. This article will detail a few of the most impactful ones.

Better for Health

For many, a divorce is often the logical conclusion after an unhappy marriage. This relationship may have involved numerous arguments and conflicts in the past. These conflicts have their toll on the human body.

According to this Web MD article, both physical and mental wounds take longer to heal when individuals belong to a more hostile relationship. The study cited in the article further explains that the delay in healing is related to the reduction of the release of pro-inflammatory proteins.

The prolonged decrease in levels of this protein is also linked to several diseases including cancer, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

The same is true for children exposed to constant conflicts.

Becoming Independent

More often than not, divorced individuals enjoy this newfound independence. Whether it’s emotional, financial, or other types of independence, the fact that they don’t need another voice to make every decision is at least liberating. Yes, there are some individuals that struggle with their finances after a divorce, but these instances are typically resolved after.

This US News article details how divorced women are often better off when it comes to their retirement. The research is based on 40 years of data from Social Security and the Census Bureau. They found that divorced women who chose not to remarry had significantly higher benefits compared to their married counterparts.

Divorce for Children

Contrary to popular belief, not everything about a divorce is bad for children. While separations may often leave emotional wounds, there are also many benefits that arguably outweigh that initial pain and distress. In fact, according to Mediate, researchers are looking into how conflict and not the resulting divorce may be the main driver of emotional distress in children.

The effect on the children generally depends on three things:

  • The quality of a child’s relationship with each parent
  • The intensity and duration of the child’s exposure to conflict
  • The ability of parents to prioritize their children during and after a divorce

If there are healthy and continuing relationships with both parents after a divorce, children are found to be more well-adjusted and more able to handle emotional distress.

The article also mentions how children develop deeper relationships with their single parents compared to those in conflict-ridden marriages.


Although divorce has had a reputation of negativity, the advantages are also undeniable. That said, we know that this decision is not to be taken lightly. If you want to understand and weigh your options better, we can help. Call us at 631.787.8322 or visit our Contact page.