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The Possibilities of Divorce Mediation via Teleconferencing and Video Calls

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The Possibilities of Divorce Mediation via Teleconferencing and Video Calls

divorce mediation during pandemic

It’s been five months since New York State had its first positive case of coronavirus. In an effort to combat the virus, the state government encourages New Yorkers to continue practicing physical distancing. The prolonged global health crisis pushed all sectors to be more digital, including the legal sector.

At The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C., we’ve embraced this new frontier that puts teleconferencing and video calls at the heart of our services. In turn, divorce mediation becomes safer and easier for you.

Resolving Divorce Concerns as Quickly as Possible

The coronavirus situation may have put life on hold for a while. But as people learned to adapt to it in the months that followed, teleconferencing and video calls became more common than in-person meetings.

Divorce mediation is one thing that people don’t want to delay. You and your former partner can easily come up with a mutually acceptable settlement by digitally working with a divorce mediator. This way, you don’t have to step foot into court, or even in the legal office, to draft and finalize your settlements.

How Does Digital Divorce Mediation Work?

Digital divorce isn’t much different from regular mediation. The initial step for most mediators is a phone call or a video conference where they ask for an overview of your marriage issues and family concerns. In turn, they will explain to you the process. They may ask to meet you and your spouse in separate sessions. They may also forgo individual meetings and proceed with a teleconference with both of you.

Negotiations aren’t always linear. The mediator may suggest working out simple matters first before proceeding with major decisions like child custody and child support. The mediator will help you and your spouse understand each other’s point of view. So even though you don’t agree with each other’s opinions, you can compromise on what you think is best for the family.

Digital divorce mediation is ideal in this situation where people are advised to practice physical distancing. It still gets the job done without the need to drive to the law office and meet the mediator in person.

Digital mediation is also an option for high-conflict situations where face-to-face mediation isn’t ideal. Examples include parties that report domestic violence and cases where a restraining order is involved.

Why Opt for Divorce Mediation?

Divorce doesn’t always have to be unpleasant. Couples who agree that it’s time to go their separate ways would benefit from taking the mediation route. This works well if you and your spouse agree about the most pressing divorce issues, including child custody, child support, and equitable asset distribution.

Litigation takes your case to court, where judges will make decisions that they think are most appropriate for your family. If you choose mediation, on the other hand, you get the freedom to come up with an agreeable settlement between you and your spouse, and for your children. The mediator will only be around to prepare the documentation and handle the legal matters for you.

In addition to having control over the divorce, you and your spouse can resolve the case quietly. You don’t have to experience the stress of going to court. And because you forgo court trials and hearings in favor of settling the matter personally, you don’t have to spend as much money, either.

Life goes on amid a pandemic, and that includes legal matters like divorce. With cutting-edge communications technology, lawyers and the courts are still able to serve and resolve issues for couples.

Our legal team is not only trained in mediation methods and approaches. We also care about your case, ensuring a peaceful resolution to your divorce.

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