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The Right to See One’s Parent: Parental Alienation Needs to Stop

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The Right to See One’s Parent: Parental Alienation Needs to Stop

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation occurs when a set of behaviors drive a wedge between parent and child. The methods are subtle and if there is no resolution, it will affect the child’s mental and emotional state. Because every child deserves a fulfilling relationship with both parents, it is important to take this seriously.

Mind Games with the Children

During divorce proceedings (especially high conflict ones), it is common for one of the parents to attack the other. When the child hears bad things about either Mom or Dad, it hits them on a deeper level. Portraying one of the parents in a negative light results in confusion for the children. Who do they trust—Mom or Dad?

Apart from bad mouthing the spouse, parental alienation also manifests in different ways:

  • Forcing the child to take sides
  • Using guilt to discourage the child from wanting to see the other parent
  • Brainwashing the child to turn against the other parent
  • Refusing attempts at contact

A number of divorced parents admit to some elements of alienation. Understandably, some have been too angry with their former spouse. If they are not careful, it is easier to rant verbally or reminisce about their ex’s mistakes to the children.

Protecting Yourself from Alienation Tactics

If you feel your ex-partner is intentionally alienating the children, do not stay silent. As one of the parents, you still have a right to the children.

Start by taking every opportunity to see or talk to your children. When they are with you, remind them of how much you love them and wish to be by their side. They should know how much you love them so that any attempt to dissuade them will not work.

Also, document every refused attempt whenever you try to make contact with the children. Keep a log of every phone call, visit, and email. Gather more evidence to prove your spouse is intentionally alienating you.

Do not hesitate to involve legal help. If your ex-spouse is keeping the children away, trust the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick to get justice by your side. Set your child free from your partner’s mind games with our assistance.