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Author: Ian S. Mednick

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The Positive Side of Divorce

benefits of divorce long island

A divorce will always be consequential. Whatever the circumstances that led to the separation, however positive or negative the emotions involved, a divorce will always mean huge changes, especially when children are involved. But since divorces are often only considered as a last resort, it would be better to view them from a more optimistic perspective. There are actually numerous, often underrated, advantages to getting a divorce, even for children. This article will detail a few of the most impactful ones. Better for Health For many, a divorce is often the logical conclusion after an unhappy marriage. This relationship may have involved numerous...

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The Possibilities of Divorce Mediation via Teleconferencing and Video Calls

divorce mediation during pandemic

It’s been five months since New York State had its first positive case of coronavirus. In an effort to combat the virus, the state government encourages New Yorkers to continue practicing physical distancing. The prolonged global health crisis pushed all sectors to be more digital, including the legal sector. At The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C., we’ve embraced this new frontier that puts teleconferencing and video calls at the heart of our services. In turn, divorce mediation becomes safer and easier for you. Resolving Divorce Concerns as Quickly as Possible The coronavirus situation may have put life on hold for a...

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What to Do When an Ex Stops Paying Child Support

unpaid child support long island

In Long Island and the rest of the United States, children are entitled by law to get financial support, regardless of whether the parents are married, divorced, legally separated, or were never married.  This is very clear and known to many, but at times, a non-custodial parent misses a child support payment or stops paying entirely. If you're the custodial parent, what should you do to make sure your children get child support payments from your ex-spouse or partner? Child Support vs Child Access Before we address the question of child support, you need to be clear on one thing: child support and child...

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Valuation and Distribution of Cryptocurrency Assets in Divorce Proceedings

cryptocurrency and divorce proceedings long island

Finalizing a divorce entails full disclosure from both spouses of their assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Here in Long Island, this was a relatively easy process, as these items could not be concealed easily from the court or the spouse. That changed in 2009 when cryptocurrency arrived at the scene. So in divorce proceedings, how do you split cryptocurrency or money stashed away in them? Let's look at your options. Checking for Undisclosed Cryptocurrency When both parties declare all their assets, including cryptocurrency, the court can decide on how to distribute them. Problems arise when your spouse fails or refuses to disclose any cryptocurrency they...

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