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Sole Custodial Parent Denied Child Support

4th Department upholds an award of sole custody to dad and joint physical custody to both parents but reverses the lower Court's ruling in regards to the wife paying child support? A JHO out of Monroe County has issued a decision granting sole custody to the father and joint physical custody to both parents.  As such the parties were given equal shared parenting entitling one parent to an award of child support.  The father despite being the sole custodial parent was granted child support and the Appellate Court reversed the JHO declaring the father to be the non-custodial parent for purposes...

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What is the future of pre-nuptial agreements in New York?

Pre-nuptial agreements have had a longstanding history of being iron clad contracts that were rarely challenged and if challenged upheld on a consistent basis.  That appears to no longer be the case in New York as Courts are beginning to hear arguments from spouses in support of vacating these agreements.  The latest pre-nuptial agreement overturned occurred in Nassau County where it has been reported that the Judge vacated the agreement as it would have left the spouse "practically destitute"....

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