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Bird’s Nest Co-Parenting: Making it Work for the Kids

Divorce disrupts the lives of everyone involved. While it is understandably difficult for the couple, it is especially stressful on the children. Children who have divorced families have two addresses, dividing their time between both parents. This can be a source of frustration and anxiety, as the child may feel caught in the middle while trying to adapt to a new lifestyle. Some parents are now choosing bird’s nest co-parenting, which is a uniquely child-centric arrangement. Here, the kids stay in the family home while the parents take turns caring for them. They come and go, similar to how birds fly...

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Dividing the Family Home During A Divorce

The family home is one of the main assets of a married couple. When a couple decides to split up, they will have to decide on what to do with the family home. Dividing marital property and assets is central to a divorce settlement and the most common solution is to put the house on sale, but there are other options on how to divide the property. Valuing the Family Home Regardless of whose name the property is in, as long as the property was purchased during the marriage, the Marital home and other properties should be split between the couple. How...

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Making the Move: Dealing with Relocation and Holiday Disputes

Following your divorce, you or your ex-spouse may choose to relocate to a different state or country. Although no state or federal law limits you from moving to a new location, it becomes an issue when there is a child involved. It may even intensify the conflict between you and your ex-spouse, especially if you have joint custody over your child. At some point, your ex-spouse might even oppose your move so you will give up custody of your child. If you have your child’s best interests and welfare in mind, here are ways you can deal with and settle relocation...

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How Simple Mediation Methods Can Help Your Children Cope with the Divorce

Most divorce cases are complicated and very rarely end amicably. Throughout the years, we have handled a diverse range of divorce cases and most of time children have the hardest time dealing with the divorce. We completely understand the turbulent emotions couples feel during the divorce process, which is why we are always to remind them to keep the interests and well-being of their children in mind. Children, especially teenagers, find it really difficult to cope with drastic changes in their lives. Here are ways you can help your children. Listening to Your Children In most cases, children are in the middle when...

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Defending Divorce: Change Can Make Things Better

People have always associated all kinds of negative things with the idea of divorce. Many think of it as a failure in life and love, with effects that are devastating for the couple, their extended families, and of course, the children. Studies also suggest that it has negative effects on health and finances, with others noting that is a serious social illness threatening our nation today. It is easy to understand why many think of divorce this way. After all, it marks the end of a happy relationship, which robs children of the experience of what it’s like to grow up...

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Proper Preparation for Mediation

Mediation is the best path to take as a means of amicably settling a divorce or separation. It’s a process that allows both parties to divide their assets on their terms, and avoid a potentially traumatic and costly divorce proceeding. But, make no mistake, this is still a negotiation and you need to prepare properly to get a fair deal. Stay Calm and Mediate One of the benefits of mediation is that everyone can speak freely. The lawyer in the room is not there to dissect every syllable of what you say to gain some sort of litigious advantage. This will allow...

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Mediation: Pros Outweigh the Cons

Mediation is one way to get through divorce on civil terms with your spouse. This process is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) intended to minimize conflict while divorcing spouses work through their differences and decide on agreement settlements. Deciding to undergo mediation can protect your children and finances from the consequences of an antagonistic litigated divorce. For couples who can tolerate being in the same room, mediation is a workable and stable path toward divorce. Here are some of its advantages: With the help of an experienced mediator, you and your spouse can better understand the issues that you must...

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Challenges of Relocating With Children Post-Divorce

A divorce can be a complicated matter when children are involved. Even after the divorce is resolved and custody has been determined, both parents must continue to interact with each other. Often times, complications arise when the custodial spouse wishes to move to a new city, state, or country with the children. The result of which typically becomes a complex situation in that the spouse wishing to relocate might be doing it to give the children better opportunities or reduce their living expenses, but the left-behind parent will obviously be unable to see his or her children as easily as before....

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Will the Court Throw Out Your Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are gradually becoming more common among high net worth couples, and the days when people thought of getting one as insulting or selfish are long past. Now, it seems almost expected, as couples have learned how helpful it can be in case the marriage sours. Having a prenup in place does not automatically guarantee the safety of your assets, however. Many people do not realize that it is still possible for their spouse to contest the prenup. The court has the right to dismiss the agreement if it finds the terms unconscionable. This often leaves one party in a...

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Child Support Responsibilities and Modifications

Divorce is the legal process that is supposed to act as the final severance between two people. Some ties are too strong, even in the legal system, and a number of divorcees still end up working with each other on several issues. Perhaps the most compelling issue is the matter of child support, as both parents still share natural rights over a child even after divorce. Determining the amount The non-custodial parent (the parent not living with the child) is obligated by the court to pay an amount for the benefit of the child. As discussed in Section 240, Article 13...

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